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A Blokes Guide to the 5:2 Diet: How I lost 42 pounds / 3 stone in 12 months without going to the gym and I still ate what I wanted!

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This book will tell the story of a normal, everyday bloke, who was a bit fat but went on to lose 42 pounds (3 stone or 19kg) in just over 12 months and all without doing any exercise, eating any weird diet foods, drinking any awful shakes or taking any questionable supplements. In fact, this amazing weight loss was achieved simply, by changing his eating habits and following the "5:2 fast diet".The book reveals how this was achieved discretely but in plain view of others, without spending silly money on special foods, or the need for expensive gym memberships. In addition the regime adopted will fit in with normal everyday life of normal people, is flexible enough to accommodate changes in busy life schedules, and can be maintained with little effort in order to keep the weight off. If Andrew can do it, then so can you! Updated Edition - October 2015Stop Press! Check out "The 5:2 Fast Diet Weight Loss Recording Diary" (ISBN: 978-1523317875) which is available now in paperback to accompany this book.A Note about the Title of this BookThe title of this book can be read and interpreted in two ways. Firstly, that it is a book written for blokes who want to know more about the 5:2 diet and how a fellow bloke went about it and succeeded to lose a lot of weight. Secondly, that it is a book written by a bloke about the 5:2 diet and the information in it can be used by both males and females. Being a bloke, Andrew has written from his experience and quoted the values that he used. However, a woman could also follow the same information, adjusting the values slightly to achieve similar weight loss results
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Joe Public Publishing
Joe Public Publishing