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Minimalist Made Simple: Easy Practices To Destress, Declutter, and Redesign Your Lifestyle

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Do you own your stuff or does your stuff own you?Minimalist Made Simple: Easy Practices To Destress, Declutter, and Redesign Your Lifestyle will set you on your way to total independence from the rigors of everyday life by giving you the tips and tricks to weed out all that is unnecessary from your life and to live happy and productive! In this quick and informative book, I will give you my personal tools that you'll need if you truly wish to make a change and live a life of less stress, less worry and less stuff. As you read, you'll find ways of taking the tips in the book and molding them to your unique situation. Some of the helpful topics you'll learn about are: How to destress on a daily basis. How to organize your surroundings to better maximize serenity and organization. How to decide what you need and what you may be able to part with. How to change your mindset one habit at a time to change your life. And MUCH MORE! From the moment you open this book you will be inspired to experience the minimalist lifestyle and enjoy everything it has to offer. I wrote this book for anyone who wishes to make a change. Mom, dad, single or married - if you want to live in a more streamlined and orderly way, both inside and out, hope my story helps you!
Marke:Veronica Doiley
EAN:Veronica Doiley
Veronica Doiley
Veronica Doiley