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Parliamentary Lessons: based on "Reed's Rules Of Order," A handbook Of Common Parliamentary Law

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Mary Urquhart Lee, the author of "Parliamentary Lessons: based on "Reed's Rules Of Order," A handbook Of Common Parliamentary Law, has provided a quick, clear, concise explanation of parliamentary procedure for anyone that wants to run a meeting without chaos. It is excellent for clubs, societies, or virtually ANY gathering where order is necessary to allow the organization's business to be conducted in an orderly fashion. It consists of nine lessons which pose examples of the conduct of meetings. Each example is explained on the guidelines of Parliamentary procedure and clear concise examples of the relevant procedure are given; then questions and answers are provided as a simple quiz to explain the procedural points. At the finish is a quick reference table, the "Vest Pocket Parliamentary Table", which allows a meetings moderator to decide common important procedural questions without having to thumb through the text for the relevant information. This guide is based on the classic text on parliamentary procedure in all kinds of meetings, both large and small, "Reed's Rules Of Order: A Handbook Of Common Parliamentary Law" by Thomas Read ex-Speaker of the United Stated House Of Representatives in the late 19th Century. Reed's more intensive tome is still the procedural basis of large meetings after more than 100 years. For those who require a short guide without the intricacies of "Reed's Rules Of Order: A Handbook Of Common Parliamentary Law" or those who just want a basic understanding of Parliamentary Rules, Mary Urquhart Lee's book is the perfect guide. Thomas Reed's longer, more intricate, "Reed's Rules Of Order: A Handbook Of Parliamentary Law", is also available in E-book format for anyone needing a deeper understanding of the subject or needing to moderate a large legally intricate meeting. This is a short e-book of approximately 15,800 words and approximately 52+ pages at 300 words per page. NOTE: This book has been scanned then OCR (Optical Character Rec
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