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Who Killed My Boss?

New Kobo Germany
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Moments after hiring Samantha Darling as a therapist, Dr. Burns is murdered. Stunned by his sudden death and desperate to keep the job she just got, Sam vows to find the killer. She has two things going for her. The first is that her brother Rob is a cop, and she figures the crime-solving thing has to be genetic. The second is that Sam is a little bit psychic-so finding the culprit should be a snap for her. If only she could tell the difference between her psychic vibes and indigestion….With the help of her landlord and her dog, Sam sets out to solve the murder. Along the way, she spends time with the hot new guy in town and tries not to spend time with the old high school boyfriend who stood her up on prom night. Using her vibes, her wit, and her charm, Sam solves the mystery, but not before going in the complete wrong direction more than once. Buy all the Sam Darling cozy mysteries by bestselling Author Jerilyn Dufresne 1 Who Killed My Boss? #2 Any Meat in That Soup? #3 Can You Picture This? #4 Will You Marry Me? #5 Where is Henderson?Praise for Jerilyn Dufresne and the Sam Darling MysteriesDufresne has created a charming, nosy, and slightly irreverent character in Samantha Darling, the heroine in Who Killed My Boss? a fast-paced cozy that takes place in the small town of Quincy, Illinois. Beth Amos, author of the Mattie Winston Mystery series (as Annelise Ryan)The plot kept me guessing until nearly the end and I am looking forward to reading further adventures! Fun and entertaining read. Highly recommended… well done! Anne Kelleher, author of A Once and Future Love and Wickham's FollyDufresne shows her gift of storytelling as she moves the plot forward, introducing believable characters and a complicated plot. Recommended to everyone who enjoys a well-written, fun, cozy mystery! Kimberly Shursen, author of Itsy Bitsy Spider and HushAnd from readers themselves:…It's like reading the old Nancy Drew books with others. Loved it very very much!…This book was very well wri
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