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Herbal Healing Remedies for Your Most Common Illnesses

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How This Book is Helpful for You! Medicines and allopathic treatments seem to be getting more expensive each day. This is the reason why more and more people are turning to home remedies for common diseases and ailments. The purpose of writing this book is just that, to allow you to cure common illnesses right at home, without having to rush to the doctor's office every time you sneeze or your toddler hiccups. This book will inform you about the following things: 1. What herbal remedies are, how they work and why they are better than any other kind of treatment. 2. Step by step recipes for treating a variety of common diseases, ailments and medical conditions. 3. All the ingredients are easily available in your kitchen or garden. 4. Some additional information about how you can improvise in a situation where you might not have some particular ingredient at hand. By the time you are done reading this book, you will no longer have to worry about the change in weather or the cuts and scrapes your child gets when they play hard. It is of course advised that you be careful about using products that you might be allergic to. Also make sure you test the remedy before ingesting or putting it on. So let us dive into the healthy, side-effect less and inexpensive world of herbal remedies.
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