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Father Figure

New Kobo Germany
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Father Figure - A Jaxon Jennings' Thriller The truth will set you free. What a crock. Jaxon Jennings knows the lie in the cliché. He's lived it his whole life. So when his partner witnesses the murder of their client's wife, he isn't surprised by the trail of deceit, corruption, drugs and rape underlying the façade of truth in his city. Paid to uncover the real murderer, Jaxon finds himself immersed in a world of treachery and lies. Lies so deep they cut like knives. And when his recently deceased father is somehow connected, he must find the man who pulls the strings behind the scenes. The man who has the answers to all the questions. The answers that send Jaxon over the edge. For he knows… Only the dead are set free by the truth. And the truth will burden you for life. Interview With The Author Q - So, what makes the Jaxon Jennings' Thriller Mystery Series so special? A - Jaxon's not your typical hero. He's flawed, and that makes him entertaining. As a reader, I want to be entertained and thrilled. I'm a fan of the Action & Adventure and Thriller genres, so it was natural for me to write in them. I'm also a lover of things that go bump in the night and I add a little creepiness just to make things interesting. Not only will you want to keep reading late into the night, the pace and action keeping your nose in the page, but when you finally close the book, you'll probably keep the light on as well. "Help me…" Q - Laurelyn Hawks is a new character. Will we see more of her in the future? A - Oh definitely. She has the strength I love in a female character and the vulnerability that lends realism and depth to make her believable. Not only can she kick ass, she has a soft side that I love. You may even see another series split off which features her. Ssshhh… Q - Should the series be read in any certain order? A - Each book is a separate story and I wrote them to be enjoyed in any order. If you find you like to stick to a chronological timeline, I'd suggest fol
Marke:Richard C Hale
EAN:Richard C Hale
Richard C Hale
Richard C Hale