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Dear Writer Revisited

New Kobo Germany
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This book about writing and the imagination is essential reading for any writer, emerging or experienced. Re-released with new material and updated advice for the 21st century writer. Contains advice for writers, inspirational quotes from numerous authors as well as writing exercises. 'Dear Writer Revisited is warm and nudging, firm and affirming.' Angela Meyer, Literary Minded 'I first read Dear Writer as a nervy, secretive scribbler-in-journals 20 years ago. How comforted I was by the letters of Virginia O'Day - her kindly, lively voice, her practicality. Neither patronising nor falsely encouraging, Virginia seemed the ideal writing companion - here was someone who could explain things that others seemed only to hint at. Reading this revised version I'm struck again by its practical generosity on technical matters - but am also inspired by the deeper, more complex conversations I think I missed in those early readings: about courage, about the urgency and mystery and self-discovery of the writing process. Dear Writer Revisited may masquerade - convincingly - as a book for beginners, but its lessons are mature and wise.' CHARLOTTE WOOD, The Writer's Room Interviews Carmel Bird is one of Australia's most dazzling and imaginative writers. She is a leading author of short stories and has published a number of novels, including the Miles Franklin-shortlisted RED SHOES and, most recently, CHILD OF THE TWILIGHT. She is a celebrated teacher of both fiction and memoir-writing, and has published the non-fiction guide WRITING THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. Carmel is also an experienced editor of many journals and anthologies, including THE STOLEN CHILDREN - THEIR STORIES and THE PENGUIN CENTURY OF AUSTRALIAN STORIES. Visit Carmel's website at www. or blog at www. carmel-bird.
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