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Metal Cowboy

New Kobo Germany
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~ One of the greatest books on bicycle touring ever written. ~ Insightful, humane, sublimely amusing-Metal Cowboy finds nobility in the common man, explains true bicycle-love, celebrates the beauty of the country, and charmingly relates encounters with malcontents and misfits. Most of all, Metal Cowboy is a quest. It is the record of a young man seeking meaning in the world, trying to find what is good in the people he meets, what is good in himself, and a route off the prescribed roadways of life. "David Sedaris trapped in the body of Lance Armstrong." -Beacon Journal "The Metal Cowboy is crazy, wise, funny, and living the dream all cyclists have-riding off to see the world on a bike. Don't miss this ride with him." -Bill Strickland, author of The Quotable Cyclist "Like the travel books of Bill Bryson, Kurmaskie's collection of essays focuses on the unexpected and the little known. Travelogues are a dime a dozen, but the ones that find something fresh and unusual to talk about are fairly rare. Here readers will see the countryside the way they've never imagined it. A thoroughly delightful excursion." -Booklist "An infectious celebration of life, a sort of two-wheeled version of Chicken Soup for the Soul. . Endearing and even hilarious." -The Boston Globe "Joe Kurmaskie rolls with a keen sense of comedy and a big heart." -Christopher Moore, author of Lamb and A Dirty Job "Nobody roams-or writes-with more manic energy or enthusiasm for 'the hard life' than Joe Kurmaskie." -Jay Atkinson, author of Paradise Road "As Melville is to the sea, Mark Twain to the raft, and Kerouac to the car, Joe Kurmaskie is to the bike." -Andrew Lewis Conn, Author of P and The Last American Novel
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