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The Strange Voyage and Adventures of Domingo Gonsales, to the World in the Moon

New Kobo Germany
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Example in this ebook Before I come to relate our extraordinary Voyage of Domingo Gonzales to the World in the Moon, I will make a Halt at St. Hellens, or Hellena, which is now possest by the Honourable East-India Company. It is called the Sea Inn, because the English and other Nations stop there as a Place for Watering and Refreshment in their long Voyages to India. It was formerly seized by the Dutch, but retaken May 6th, 1673, by Captain Munday, with a Squadron of English Ships, and three rich Dutch East India Ships made Prizes in the Harbour; since which the Company have fortified and secured it, against any future Invasion of Dutch, Portuguese, or Spaniards. It was called Santa Helena by the Portuguese, who discovered it on St. Hellen's Day, being April 2. There is no Island in the World so far distant from the Continent or main Land as this. It is about sixteen Leagues in Compass, in the Ethiopic Sea; in 16 Degrees of South Latitude; about 1500 Miles from the Cape of Good Hope; 360 from Angola in Africa; and 510 from Brasile in America. It lies high out of the Water; and surrounded on the Sea-coasts with steep Rocks, having within many Cliffs, Mountains and Vallies, of which one is named Church-Valley, where behind a small Church they climb up to the Mountains. To the South is Apple-Dale, so called from the abundance of Oranges, Lemons, and Pomegranates enough to furnish five or six Ships. On the West-side of the Church, Ships have good Anchorage close under the Shore, to prevent the Winds which blow fiercely from the adjacent high Mountains. The Air seems temperate and healthful, so that sick Men brought ashore there, in a short Time recover; yet the Heat in the Vallies is as intolerable as the Cold upon the Mountains; it commonly rains there five or six Times a Day, so that the Barrenness of the Hills is not occasioned for the want of Water, of which it hath two or three good Springs for furnishing Ships with fresh Water; the Ground of its own Accord bring
Marke:John Lever, Bookseller, Stationer, and Printseller, at Little Moorgate
EAN:John Lever, Bookseller, Stationer, and Printseller, at Little Moorgate
John Lever, Bookseller, Stationer, and Printseller, at Little Moorgate
John Lever, Bookseller, Stationer, and Printseller, at Little Moorgate