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How Many Kids with ADHD Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?

New Kobo Germany
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This book is for every parent who wants to help his or her ADHD kid. Written by an ADHD specialist teacher with 20 years experience, the book offers a weekly dose of information, tips, and tools for a year. There are 52 easy to understand, simple to implement insights, strategies and suggestions. Using a blend of humor and candor to tackle this sometimes overwhelming topic, the author covers six main areas. Section one is a primer on ADHD covering what ADHD is and how it relates to learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Section two provides practical parenting tips that work. Section three is a wealth of information, advice, and downloadable content for parents to help their kids make it through school, including how to advocate for your child, understand psychoeducational assessments, IEPs, tackle homework, and the use technology as a learning tool. Section four outlines how ADHD affects relationships, and what parents can do to help their kids develop friendships. Section five looks at conventional and unconventional treatment options, including a comprehensive look at medication pros and cons. The final section offers a variety of simple things to help kids make it through the day - and night - without letting their ADHD get the best of them. Internet links to a wide variety of useful resources, step-by-step illustrated instructions for using technology, and downloadable content make for a rich and interactive reading experience!
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Another Bright Idea
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