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Seaside Death (Temptation in Florence #5)

New Kobo Germany
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For the first time, Carlina Mantoni and Commissario Stefano Garini are going on vacation as a couple. They're looking forward to relaxing in Italy's Forte dei Marmi, the elegant seaside resort on the Ligurian Sea, in spite of the fact that they have the rest of the eccentric Mantoni family in tow. But the holidays are hardly begun when their hotel manager is shot and killed. For once, Florentine policeman Garini isn't responsible for investigating the crime, but that doesn't help his relations with the Mantoni clan, because the incompetent local investigating officer is convinced that Carlina's young cousin, Ernesto, is the killer. So why isn't Stefano clearing Ernesto, is the Mantonis' cry as they are up in arms about everything, and, of course, each hiding something. Even Ernesto behaves in a completely unprecedented way, which makes it hard for the family and Stefano to protect him. Murder, mayhem, and Mantonis mixed with some great summer feeling turn this cozy mystery into stellar entertainment. Seaside Death is the fifth mystery in the series Temptation in Florence, which is set in Florence, Italy, and features Carlina Mantoni, proprietress of Temptation, a lingerie shop, and her eccentric family, all of whom make life for police Commissario Stefano Garini very frustrating, to say the least. Book 1: Delayed Death Book 2: Charmer's Death Book 3: Banker's Death Book 4: Expected Death Book 5: Seaside Death
Marke:Beate Boeker
EAN:Beate Boeker
Beate Boeker
Beate Boeker