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Organic Cleaning

New Kobo Germany
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Just how toxic is your home? U.S. studies have shown that almost 10% of toxic exposures are caused by home cleaning products according to reports to the U.S. Poison Control Centers. Majority of the involved were children under six years of age. This is very alarming and if you have children in the house, you should start thinking about how to reduce the use of poisonous substances to clean your home. The Ebook "Cleaning Recipes for a Toxin-Free Home" contains more than 25 recipes that will teach you how to concoct your own toxic-free home cleaning products using only basic ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen! This includes among others ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and citrus peels! This ebook lists down all the essential cleaning ingredients and gives you a background on what cleaning power it possesses to help clean your home. The cleaning recipes will help disinfect, whiten, deodorize and remove even the toughest stains in bathrooms, kitchen, carpets and in your laundry. It has the same cleaning power commercial cleaning products have but without the health hazards. It will make your home smell better too. Instead of your house smelling like strong chemicals, enjoy fresh and natural scents that won't harm your family's respiratory tract. Another wonderful perk about making a homemade cleaning product is that it will cost so much less than the commercially produced cleaning solutions. If you want a complete list of cleaning recipes, download the ebook "Cleaning Recipes for a Toxin-Free Home" now and learn how to clean your home safely from the bathroom, kitchen, family room and the laundry. Make this ebook your daily reference to make your home toxic-free. Don't risk your family's health and download this ebook today. A home that is truly clean is not one that is cleaned by harmful chemical-based products but one that is cleaned using safe ingredients that won't harm your family's health.
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Janet Kahn
Janet Kahn