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Persuasive Writing - The 80/20 Solution

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The 80/20 Solution provides practical tips on practical themes. It's named after the 80/20 rule which generally states 80% of the results are from 20% of the effort. That's the point of The 80/20 Solution - to give you most of what you need without much work. The 80/20 Solution targets audiences looking for general to intermediate information. The 80/20 Solution provides useful tips on a specific theme - you'll be informed and ready to immediately apply what you learned. Persuasive Writing If you want to write persuasively - to influence your audience to appreciate your point of view - this 80/20 Solution is for you! This 80/20 Solution is also for you if you're asking the following questions… How can I improve my writing? How can I convince others to listen to my perspective? What is the five paragraph theme and how can it help me? How should I organize my writing arguments? What is a good writing template? If you're trying to make a strong argument, especially through writing, you need to be able to convince others. You also need to make them believe, or at least understand, your perspective. A simple and effective method to accomplish this is by using facts, peer comparison and feeling. An efficient way to bundle these is through the five paragraph theme. This 80/20 Solution is going to focus on explaining the five paragraph theme and how you can use facts, peer comparison and feeling to persuade your readers.
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The Solution, LLC
The Solution, LLC